Analytical Instruments

Our Analytical Instruments have robust and consistent performance for your elemental analysis.  Streamlined and intuitive workflow-centered software makes it easy for both new and experienced analysts to generate the high-quality data required in your laboratory.


We provide instruments, system components, replacement parts, and accessories for performing liquid, gas, and ion chromatography procedures such as sample analysis, purification, and extraction. Systems are available in various configurations to suit every lab.


Choose the ideal solution for your tasks and applications from a broad spectrum of light, confocal, electron and X-ray microscopes




Spectroscopy is a method of understanding molecules by measuring the interaction of light and matter, and we have ranges of products from UV ViS to FTIR for you need


Thermal Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of your product’s thermal behavior with some of the industry’s most capable thermal analysis solutions.


Material Testing

Material Testing

To meet the challenges posed in testing a wide diversity of materials, we offers a comprehensive range of high performance materials testing machines, designed to make accurate and repeatable force measurements.


Weighing and Measuring

We offer weighing instruments and meters for many applications in research and development, quality control, production, logistics and retail to customers around the world


Glasswares and others

We supply Glassware, Pippets that facilitate to measure and transfer your sample in the laboratory


Solar Panel and Generators

We supply Solar and Clean energy Technologies  and help people contribute to the air we breath and the world we share



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